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My wedding was last year -supposed to be outside Furman Bell Tower & the weather just didn’t cooperate. It started thundering/lightening & storming bad!!!! At the last minute we had to go to plan B & have at reception area - my sisters church. Haley shifted everything in place, called wedding party, caterers, & directed my wedding to make our day perfect as possible. Although it wasn’t the outside wedding I had hoped for everything was so perfect & she made our wedding/day evening perfect & better than I ever thought it would be. Thanks for everything Haley!


Haley helped me plan my whole wedding! She guided me through everything and answered every question I had, without hesitation. I felt so comfortable and at ease being able to trust her with my big day. Because she did so amazing at my wedding, she is also doing my sister in laws! Whether you need someone to plan your whole wedding, half or just someone for day of, I HIGHLY recommend Hill & Co.


Haley made everything simple and easy for my wedding day! I wasn't one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding day so of course I was clueless when it came to my own wedding. Let me tell you, this wedding wouldn't have happened without Haley! My husband and I are forever thankful to be able to look back at such a lovely, stress free wedding thanks to Haley, Heather, the the rest of the Co


Haley was amazing to work with. She took care of everything, I told her what I wanted and she made it happen. She is so kind and really helped keep everything stress free. I actually got to enjoy wedding planning instead of stressing out about every little detail. She is great at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone planning any kind of event.


Haley was an honor and life saver to have on such a huge day in my life. She literally made my wedding day so stress free. I knew that because the wedding was in Haley's hands, all was well and I was able to focus on the day and not the behind the scene details. When beginning the wedding planning process my mom had one request, and that was to have a wedding coordinator. I am so grateful to know Haley and know without a doubt she was the obvious and best choice. Throughout the wedding process I kept my ideas simple and I gave Haley freedom to use her creativity when setting up for the wedding day and she nailed every detail. It poured the day of our wedding and we had an outdoor wedding, she found towels and collected enough umbrellas for our entire wedding party to use for the ceremony. It's unexpected moments like that when she never hesitated that meant the most.


Growing up I was never the little girl who planned her wedding; which means I needed a little (okay a lot) of help along the way. My wedding was a very small and intimate ceremony and I wanted it to feel comfortable, yet beautiful. Haley made every dream I had come true and I gave her less than a month to do it. She helped relieve my stress in the way that only she can. She was able to make the ceremony site gorgeous without taking away from the natural beauty. She made sure that my family was calm and kept people in great spirits. She kept me and my husband at peace and got us whatever we needed. If you want a wedding planner who works well under stress and makes things happen; sometimes out of thin air, then Haley is your girl. Not only did she put my wedding together in less than a month, she also officiated, while 9 months pregnant! She is truly amazing. This day will forever be my small, special day with my closest people and I am so glad that Haley was a part of it.


Now at first I was worried, because I didn't know if Haley could do the job I wanted. But I was so impressed with how professional and organized she was!! My family and friends were helping plan the wedding, but it got out of control of things I didn't want! So when Haley stepped in, she asked what I wanted my wedding to be, my response was just simple and romantic! We met several times, and each time she gave me a list of things to do. Things I didn't even think about!! She set up a web page for us to communicate through which I loved, and she would update it with things we talked about! If there were any problems, I had no idea about them she took care of everything. She sent me pictures and a video of what everything looked like, because I'm a worry wart!! But that day I wasn't, it was so relaxing because of her!  She handled all the catering, cake, and flower deliveries! She wrote down every single detail of the wedding, and during the reception she kept us on track and everything went off perfectly. She had everything wrote down of what went in each box and what car it went in. She blew me away! She went above and beyond to make my day perfect and stress free!! My wedding was the best day of my life and she was one of the main reasons for that!! This worry wart was not worried that day at all and she made my dream wedding come to a reality!!! It was just perfect and I'm so honored to have work with her. I would recommend her to anyone!! She goes way beyond to make it perfect! Thanks Haley!

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